Monday, September 19, 2011

My Want Not Waste Not Project

Today I am sharing this entry and I am calling it my "Want Not Waste Not" project. I was going to crochet an ascot and I started with the neck band. I got really far on one of the ruffles when all of the sudden the pattern stopped making any sense to me. No matter how hard I stared at the picture or even read ahead then back again then ahead again - I could not figure it out. So I decided to try something else. The neck part of it took me an hour to crochet so I did not want to just waste it. Also I felt like I failed and I needed to fill in the gap with "something". So this is what I did with that crocheted piece. 

There it is in all its glory! Now what? So I looked around and found that lace that is sitting behind it. I could cut out hearts? no. I set it over the white and it looked really pretty. So that was it. That is what I was going to do.. 

Cut a small strip that would fit over it nice. Now what? 

I found some ribbon. I remembered seeing a flower that someone made on the internet. I cut the amount of pedals I thought I would need.. I needed more than that! You will see in the other pictures. 

I folded them in half like so just like I remembered. Then I tried to tack them all together - 

But that part I forgot how to do. I just kinda ended up making a mess. Then after a bit I got tired of playing with it.. and pulled out the glue gun and glued the rest on! 

Its not perfect. That is what practice is for! So my next one will be better. Oh and I made a little crochet wreath to put in the middle to cover my extreme mess. Then I glued that glass pearl in the middle of it. Sick of the sewing for the day. My patients were actually getting thin. The whole time I am working on this my 17 year old is telling me he wants to drop out of school and trying to sell me the idea. (sigh)

Now I ended up taking a break because I changed my mind. Instead of gluing the flower to the choker, I decided to make a pin out of it incase I wanted to wear the flower on my coat or something. Where is the white felt? Could not find it anywhere. I am getting frustrated and just want to give up. I already failed once.. I am not going to do it again. So I found this old material. Cut a circle out. I will use this! 

Then I could not find my pins. I looked in the drawer of my sewing desk for them. Guess what I found? The white felt that I looked for for over 10 min. 

I was going to stitch the lace onto the collar. Instead I used very small amounts of glue and pasted it on in sections. I used so little that You can not even tell that its there. But the lace is holding on strong! 

Buttons Buttons who has some buttons? Not me! I did however find these huge glass pearl beads. Sewed them on. Yes. I did finally sew something again. 

And DONE! I admit it does not go well with my Blonde shirt. I tried the pin up higher but did not like it so I moved it almost to where it was barely hanging on the collar. I liked it best. 

Here is the back or.... is it the front? Either way I took off the flower and I can wear that freely now and just have it look like this. 

  With this I am EXTREMELY happy that it turned out this cute. I am FER SURE going to make these for my shop. But where to find those big ole beads again? Not sure where I got them to begin with! :) 

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