Friday, September 16, 2011

Beads and Buttons!

I made some really cute beads for a necklace that I am working on.  I have never made them before but they turned out super super pretty. I have come up with some more ideas for them too. I am pretty excited about it. 

Today is a very rainy day! I am happy for the rain because it has not rained here in a while. We could really use it. So far my day has been pretty slow. Its only 10:30 so that may be why. I have a lot of pictures to take today of myself (shop items) and it is not always fun. Its a little hard sometimes to model the scarves and take your own pictures. I need to get one of those dress makers! But at the same time I like to show a "real" person wearing them. I really do not know if it creates a bit of a more personal feeling towards the seller and buyer or if it just makes everything look sloppy. I am just trying to figure it out. What do you think? 

I was just now sitting here and I can hear my cat whining and crying because she can not find her sister. So I turn around to find her sister (because she is usually laying somewhere close by me) laying in my closet. Completely ignoring her sisters pleas to come out come wherever she is! 

I went to an antique shop yesterday and I took some time looking around at the buttons. I have never dug through that many in my life. She even had a spoon sitting in the pile so you can dig with it I guess? I actually ended up picking about 30 buttons. This is just a preview of the types I found. Buttons are really interesting it turns out! I am surely going to go back in the future and pick up more! 

 I hope you all have a great day and you are happy and healthy! Talk to you again very soon!

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