Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cell Phone Protectors In Pink!

Hi Everyone. Hope all is well. Its Sunday and I have not cleaned all weekend. Yea! My house is a complete mess! However, the kids are in bed and its really quiet around here. I had some time today (because I didn't clean) to make some cell phone protectors. I decided to make them because sometimes I do not want to take in my entire bag. For example when I go to restaurants with my husband. He always pays for my dinner so all I really need is my phone right? So I came up with these cute little things. I know there are a lot out there but I wanted to try my hand at making my own personal ones. I made two. 

The green and tan one - I made for my blog giveaway. Yes. I am going to have a blog giveaway soon! I made it and I did not write it down. I should have. Its cute. However I did write the pink one down and I am going to have the pattern for sale once I figure out how to write a PDF file! It will be my first pattern. I am very excited. So anyway,  I am working on that right now. I made this one tonight and placed it in my shop - Click the photo for more information.

I actually have a necklace that I made off the top of my head and I need to write that down also. Many of the things that are in my shop I did by tweaking patterns or just throwing stitches together. But these cell phone cases I just did. Very happy with the results. You have no idea how much I had to rip these out trying to get it right! :)   I do believe these cell phone cases will make a great gift coming up this Christmas! I am excited for Christmas.. How about you? 

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